Wednesday, January 9, 2013

"Us" Thoughts on Family

The following is a simple poem I wrote for my mother during the Christmas holiday...

Thoughts on Family

Who are we
What makes us?
These are the colors
Painted by life's brush.

Shades of joy are found
Sheltered in our walls
Comfort fills this house
When all around us falls.

Partially defined
By how we overcome
Struggles we have faced
Battles justly won.

Unsteady, we have have been 
Then, solid, bold and strong
In moments, cracked and fragile
Yet, repaired before too long.

At times, separated
By words, miles and conflicts
Still, never found beyond
That which can be fixed.

More than simply friends
A family so sublime
Broken by mistakes
But tethered by our time.

Never once abandoned 
Though sometimes deeply burned
Always healed by truth
Of lessons we have learned.

We are this 
This is us
Bound by grace
Marked by love.

Matthew Gress
December 2012