Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Compilation of Songs - Available for FREE!

I am in the process of writing for a new project and decided to glance back for a moment or two to see where I've been. The songs on this compilation span over a decade of writing, creating and living.  "The Nashville Sessions" were actually recorded in the 1990s!  Time sure does have a way of moving forward...fast.  While I was compiling these songs, I was taken back to the point in time each represents.  In one way or another, they all still have elements that are true for me even today.  And, thankfully, some of the sentiments have passed...gone but not forgotten.

Some of these songs are fully realized. Some are demo quality. Some...unfinished. Some...in progress. Some...well... just hold a unique sentimental place for me.I hope you connect somewhere.  At the very least, I hope you are entertained, and maybe even moved. Until the new stories are completed and unveiled, I hope these add to your journey.


Click on the following link, or the one on the right side of this page under links, for your free 22 song digital download.